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Vimeo Profile Pages Get a Makeover


Vimeo Profile Pages Get a Makeover

Vimeo has redesigned their users’ profiles pages to show more information, better showcase their work, and more easily make changes.

The new Vimeo profiles do away with filling out forms in the backend settings, and now all changes can be made directly on the page for an easier experience. All customizations can be previewed inline with the profile page itself so there’s no running back and forth trying to get things right.

Along with your basic information, there’s now a client module where you can share your professional work experiences. If you’ve been using Vimeo as a portfolio for your videos, this will be a big bonus to reach potential new clients and give them a better sense of your professional history. Contact information is also now front and center on profiles.

Sorting videos is now improved through a dynamic tagging feature. Clicking on one of the tags in the profile view will show only videos that match. Vimeo said they’ve “added 40 brand new industry-specific categories so that potential employers and collaborators can easily sort your work by the categories you’ve added to each video.”

According to Vimeo, the new features will be coming to all users by the end of this week.


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