What Taking Your Travel Films to the Next Level Looks Like

What Taking Your Travel Films to the Next Level Looks Like

If you’re a fan of travel photography and video then you have to check out this amazing new video showcasing the Korean city of Seoul.

Coming from the talented travel videographer Brandon Li, his newest film shot over the course of a month takes you on a deep cultural look at Korean life. We have shared several of Li’s tutorials and tips for getting amazing travel footage here on Fstoppers. However, “seoul_wave” is by far Li’s best work to date combining all the visually stunning transitions, camera movements, edits, audio, and storytelling he has become popular for. Even though the camera is taking you through a vast variety of scenes, activities, and emotions, Li manages to tie it all together with a strong thematic story of competition. 

The best part is after watching this beautiful film, Li has put together a kind of director’s commentary explaining everything from the techniques he used, why he used them, how he gained access to the places visited, to how the story evolved from the people he met along the way. I wish more photographers and videographers took the time to really explain both the thoughts behind the decisions made and how they came together in editing. For me, organizing a series of random events and encounters when I’m abroad into a working story is always been a challenge so videos like this are both inspiring and educational. 

Video of seoul_wave

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